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Girls’ Soccer Preview: Lakewood Lancers

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The Pole Luna era has begun for Lakewood girls’ soccer and the Lancers are taking it one step at a time.

“We’re just pushing forward, trying to break it down into elements so we can get the bigger picture ready for the season,” junior defender Micaela Lisardi said. “Right now that’s about our chemistry… I feel like we’re going to be better with communication and our touches on the ball to get our passing working.”

This is the first high school coaching job for Luna, who was a goalkeeper at Jordan High School during his playing days. Luna has coached a variety of age groups at the club level for the last seven years. He said he wants to build a pipeline from local youth programs to Lakewood where he wants to play a ball control style.

“I have a big love for the game and I want to teach that,” Luna said. “Im a little bit of everything (as a coach). I want us to maintain the ball. I’m big on the technical and tactical part of the game. My style is the basics because you don’t have to be that fancy to get out of trouble. I think you just need one good touch on the ball.”

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Lisardi said she and the other returns appreciate Luna’s honesty during training.

“He’s being very clear and being very transparent, kind of working with us so there is a give and take,” Lisardi said. “He’s communicating what he wants and giving us the best fundamentals so we can do that for him… we’re trying to show that patience and commitment back to him because it’s a two-way street.”

Luna wants to do things like build from the back, but he knows that will take time to teach with a handful of freshmen on the roster, namely freshman fullbacks Ally Honeycutt and Adrianna Tanaka.

Freshman Malory Rodriguez will also be key as the No. 10 in the formation. Luna said she is very fast and technical with a high soccer IQ because of her time with top club teams.

“It’s focusing on one goal and that’s having dedication and commitment to it, not getting distracted by the little things and moving forward looking at the bigger picture,” Lisardi said of the key to success.

“I know we’re not a top school (in the league) but I know we can be a team to watch out for,” Luna added.

Lakewood hasn’t won the league title since sharing it with Poly in 2001.

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