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COLUMN: Two Americas, Two Long Beaches, Two Pandemics

There is one COVID-19, but there are two COVID-19 pandemics. One is the pandemic I see discussed endlessly on Twitter and Facebook and in newspapers and on television. It’s the pandemic that’s being experienced by middle class Americans and white collar employees. They’re working from home, they’re (understandably) upset and emotional at the things they’ve […]


COLUMN: Reflecting On A Historic Year For Dodgers, Lakers

We’re Long Beach-first guys, as you know. But we also recognize that Long Beach is a Dodgers and Lakers town, and we’ve got some thoughts on this historic year, which saw both teams win a championship for the first time since 1988 (when we were toddlers or, in Tyler’s case, not quite born). Mike When […]

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Column: New CSULB Shark Mascot Not That Big A Deal

How did you react when the United States Government admitted that it’s in possession of “off-world vehicles not made on this earth” last month? They chose a time of global pandemic to flip-flop on a hotly debated topic, and I doubt it changed your mind about the existence of intelligent life outside this planet. Last […]


COLUMN: Back on the Couch Again

The last four months have been a long, strange odyssey for our family, and for so many others in America. Whenever anyone asks how my wife and I are doing, we always say something along the lines of, “Can’t complain.” We’re both still employed and our family is healthy–that puts us ahead of millions of […]

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COLUMN: Can We Keep the Drive Through Graduations?

Like most people in Long Beach, I cannot wait for the COVID-19 clouds to pass us by, and to resume something resembling normal life. I’m craving an absent-minded trip to Target or a an anxiety-free date night down in the center of my bones. But even as we continue to muddle through this strange new […]


COLUMN: Long Beach Shows Its Heart, Pride

Ask anyone from Long Beach, and they’ll tell you they’re proud to be from Long Beach. Sometimes they’ll say it without you even asking. That’s certainly been true of me for most of my adult life—but I’ve never been prouder to be from my city than I was last Monday. The night before my wife […]


COLUMN: Understanding Through Protest Participation

I’ve participated in my fair share of protests, but none of them were as passionately thought-provoking as the one that took in downtown Long Beach on Sunday. The reaction to another senseless killing of an unarmed black citizen by the police officers who swore to protect him has been a wide range of emotions. As […]

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COLUMN: Pettway Family Getting By With Positivity

“Oh, what could’ve been,” has been repeating in my head. The flow of constant uplifting stories from Long Beach sports is cut off like a faucet spun tight, and it’s left me wondering. Two months ago, one of the stories on my radar revolved around the Pettway family and what could’ve been a sensational start […]