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COLUMN: Cabrillo Football and the Value of A Win

Stat sheets and standings boxes can measure how many points a team scored or how many games they’ve won and lost, but they can’t measure the value of those things. That much was obvious last Friday night at the Cabrillo Lynwood football game, which the Jaguars won 26-12 to secure their first win in 694 […]

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COLUMN: Long Beach Goes Back to School During Emotional Week

Long Beach is a city built around its schools in the same way that some towns are built around a coal mine, or an automobile factory.  Education employs more Long Beach residents than any other industry, by a mile, and the Long Beach Unified School District is the city’s biggest employer, as well as its […]

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COLUMN: Let’s Appreciate Friday Night Lights While They’re Here

I covered two important events in the world of Long Beach schools last week, and they helped me chart the course for how I’m going to try and navigate the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, I was in attendance for the Long Beach Unified School District’s Board of Education meeting. At the meeting, […]

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COLUMN: New Belmont Pool a Win For All of Long Beach

Finally. More than seven years since the closure of the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool, the crown jewel of the Long Beach sports world is getting a worthy replacement. Last week the California Coastal Commission issued what should be the final “yes” vote to construct the new Belmont Pool, after years of red tape, lawsuits, rallies […]

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COLUMN: Club Sports Can Support Mental Health

I’ve always believed in the power of prep sports. They cultivate a competitive spirit in young student-athletes while teaching life lessons, building strong friendships and nurturing confidence. COVID-19 shutdowns have ripped a giant hole in our community where high school sports used to be, and I think this is a perfect time for club sports […]

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COLUMN: Injuries Inevitable If High School Sports Hurry Back

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Generations of rambunctious youths have heard that cliché from concerned adults, but now’s the time to actually take heed. It goes without saying we’re thrilled at the prospect of seeing Long Beach sports return from the COVID-19 shutdowns. It would be a gift to and from […]

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COLUMN: Two Americas, Two Long Beaches, Two Pandemics

There is one COVID-19, but there are two COVID-19 pandemics. One is the pandemic I see discussed endlessly on Twitter and Facebook and in newspapers and on television. It’s the pandemic that’s being experienced by middle class Americans and white collar employees. They’re working from home, they’re (understandably) upset and emotional at the things they’ve […]


COLUMN: Reflecting On A Historic Year For Dodgers, Lakers

We’re Long Beach-first guys, as you know. But we also recognize that Long Beach is a Dodgers and Lakers town, and we’ve got some thoughts on this historic year, which saw both teams win a championship for the first time since 1988 (when we were toddlers or, in Tyler’s case, not quite born). Mike When […]