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COLUMN: Sports Video Games Supplying Highlights

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but video games are totally saving my sanity right now. The lack of live sporting events has left a hole in my personal and professional life, so this week I bought a used Xbox online with soccer and basketball games. Luckily, and surprisingly, FIFA20 and NBA2K have somewhat scratched […]

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PODCAST: Previewing Video Game Tournament For Long Beach High School Students

This week on the podcast we’re are talking about hosting a video game tournament for Long Beach high school students this weekend. 04:45 ESports Kids Trained For Quarantine Survival 07:00 NFLers Juju Smith-Schuster & John Ross Playing Video Games 12:00 More ESports Tournaments 13:00 Preview For “Smash Bros. Tourney” 14:00 Interview With Tournament Organizer […]