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Millikan’s Astle, Lakewood Team Win First the562.org Long Beach Smash Tournament

The inaugural 562 Long Beach Smash Tournament was held last weekend, with two days of action deciding the city’s best high school individual and team Smash Brothers players. Millikan’s Jed Astle won the individual championship on Saturday and Lakewood’s team of Christopher Cruz, Christopher Sanchez, and John Huff won the team championship on Sunday. “I’m […]

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COLUMN: Sports Video Games Supplying Highlights

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but video games are totally saving my sanity right now. The lack of live sporting events has left a hole in my personal and professional life, so this week I bought a used Xbox online with soccer and basketball games. Luckily, and surprisingly, FIFA20 and NBA2K have somewhat scratched […]

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PODCAST: Previewing The562.org Video Game Tournament For Long Beach High School Students

This week on the podcast we’re are talking about The562.org hosting a video game tournament for Long Beach high school students this weekend. 04:45 ESports Kids Trained For Quarantine Survival 07:00 NFLers Juju Smith-Schuster & John Ross Playing Video Games 12:00 More ESports Tournaments 13:00 Preview For “Smash Bros. Tourney” 14:00 Interview With Tournament Organizer […]