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Top 10 For 2020: College Coaching Future

This year could bring big changes for two of the most famous coaches in Long Beach — Long Beach State men’s basketball coach Dan Monson and Long Beach City College women’s volleyball coach Misty May-Treanor.

Monson has been on the proverbial hot seat since signing a restructured five-year contract extension in 2018. The results on the court, and on the recruiting trail, haven’t been great since then. A run in the Big West Conference Tournament will obviously change all of that and it might be the only thing that will save Monson’s job. Fee confirmed last year that he already has the $50,000 buyout earmarked and could pull the trigger at any time. However, if he hasn’t done it yet, he likely wouldn’t do it until after the season.

The famous Olympian May-Treanor is obviously over-qualified to be coaching the women’s indoor and beach volleyball teams at LBCC. She has young children and offers coming from major universities to take over their beach volleyball programs, so either of those factors could lead to her leaving LBCC.

Neither potential move would really surprise anyone, but that’s what we said last year.

JJ Fiddler
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