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Fee has been incredibly candid on the show, and has discussed everything from NCAA changes to the future of the Big West Conference. Two weeks ago, he talked about a change of location for the men’s and women’s basketball conference tournaments.

Question: How long will the Big West basketball tournaments stay at Honda Center in Anaheim?

Fee: 2020 is the last year contractually that we are set to be in the Honda Center. It’s a great venue, and I think we’ve had a good relationship with them. But, I think as a conference we’re staring to have some discussions around what we want our tournament to look like. We’re talking about moving it out of Anaheim, and possibly to Las Vegas.

Q: Is that the only option?

Fee: We could also go to home sites to bring the excitement of our campuses to these games. They’re obviously televised, and anytime you can show off an exciting product that’s big for recruiting.

Q: Is the Big West trying to make its tournament look like other major conference tournaments, or is the Big West trying to make a tournament unlike anything else?

Fee: My goal would be to find something different. I always talk about how we can differentiate ourselves. No knock on other conference tournaments at great venues, but if you can create some dynamic opportunity, we want to do that. Do we bid to host here in Long Beach and construct a court on the beach with bleachers and lights… I don’t know what it looks like, but I think we need to find something that sets us apart.

The first special guest of the athletic year was LBSU women’s soccer coach Mauricio Ingrassia. He previewed his season, and talked about former player Nadia Link’s Hall Of Fame induction. Link was a two-time All-American, the first for the program, and led LBSU to the Elite Eight for the firs time in 2011. Her 16 goals that season tied the single-season record.

Q: You’ve been at LBSU for 15 years, and you already have a former player headed to the Hall Of Fame. How does that make you feel?

Ingrassia: I couldn’t be prouder. Nadia knows she is kind of a symbol for other players and the program, and rightfully so. She has a great story, and to be in the hall of fame kind of caps it off. It immortalizes her.

We also had women’s volleyball coach Joy McKienzie-Fuerbringer on the show last month to discuss the volleyball history at LBSU.

Q: The volleyball coaches’ offices in the Walter Pyramid are full of tradition with trophies and team pictures. What do you think about when you walk these halls?

JMF: It is a time machine. I’m really proud of what they’ve put together here. Our previous coach Brian Gimmillaro, and men’s coach Alan Knipe, put a lot of time and effort with really recognizing the traditions, the teams and the players who have gone through this program. It’s nice to have it up on the wall. It brings back a lot of good memories.

Q: Those hairdos, though?

JMF: That’s the time machine. The ’89 women’s team is my favorite. There’s a lot of bangs, and a lot of perms.

Q: Give it a few years. Those styles will come back.

Last week, LBSU water polo coach Gavin Arroyo came on the show just days after returning from Berlin, Germany, where he was a member of the USA Men’s National Team coaching staff.

Q: What are your responsibilities with the national team?

Arroyo: I’m working with the guys on fundamental approaches and their technique. We’re trying to streamline what the head coach wants to have with effective tactics. That’s really fun because it’s an ever-changing thing. It’s a growing organism. If you’re working on yesterday’s techniques, then you’re going to be behind.

Q: And that’s something you’ve done before, right? Is that why Team USA named you Technical Advisor a few weeks ago?

Arroyo: Yes, I think that’s one of my strengths. It’s hard when the guys are older and maybe a little set in their ways. But I had my game completely broken down when I was 27. So, it can happen.

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In our biweekly podcast with Long Beach State athletic director Andy Fee we talk about the latest news on Prospector Pete. We also interview Long Beach State water polo coach Gavin Arroyo and talk about his recent time with the USA Men’s National Team. Episode 18 – Opinions On Berlin And Checking In On Men’s […]

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