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Jordan Hosts Inaugural Moore League All-Star Basketball Games

It was a historic night at Jordan on Friday as a collection of some of Long Beach’s best basketball athletes came together for the inaugural Moore League All Star Game.

Massey Court was buzzing as the girls kicked off the afternoon with a thrilling contest that featured multiple teammates facing off each other. 

In the end, Wilson’s Jade Green scored a game-high 22 points as she led her team to a 41-39 win. 

“This was really fun to squash all the beef and come together and mesh everyone’s different styles,” Green said. “And it was cool to see what we can do with as a team.”

Green’s teammates featured Wilson teammate Peightyn Myers and Adriana Sambrano, Cabrillo’s Arianna Johnson and Millikan’s Jaylen Escobar.

The opposite team featured Wilson’s Laurin Tiangco and Chiugo Ofoegbu, Julie Davis (Jordan), China Duncan (Millikan) and Kennedi Jones (Lakewood).

Led by some aggressive play from Green, the dark jerseys took a lead throughout the first half, but the white jerseys mounted a comeback thanks to solid play from Tiangco, and Duncan. 

“I think it was funny,” Green said of Tiangco helping lead her team’s comeback. “We know the way each other plays and we’re telling our other teammates strengths and weaknesses.”

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After the game, Jordan girls basketball coach Wesley Rosenbaum credited for the work that the Jordan administration went through to host the event.

“We’re very thankful for the staff and administration we have at Jordan,” Rosenbaum said. “Everyone was all-in on it and all the credit goes to them and we’re just happy to be a part of it.”

The night wasn’t done there as fans and family were treated to a 3-point contest before the start of the boys’ contest, which Jordan Kane Young won after making 11 3-pointers in 60 seconds. 

In typical all-star game fashion, there wasn’t much defending that happened during the game, but there were smiles across everyone’s faces as some athletes got the opportunity to go one-on-one against their teammates. 

It was a high-scoring spectacle as the Jordan’s Kane Young (33), Lakewood’s Macarhy Morris (32), Lakewood’s Mason Pacheco (23) and Jordan’s Franklyn Chambers (20) each scored more than 20 points as those in attendance were treated to half-court shots, alley oops and dunks as the white jersey team won 116-94.

“That was fun,” Morris said. “During season, it’s straight war. We are friends off the court but to be able to be bros on the court, that’s lit. It was fun and it was the first time in the city, history in the making.”

For Jordan boys’ basketball coach Chris Francis, it was great to have an event to showcase Long Beach’s talent after a long season. 

“I thought this was good for the city,” Francis said. “Even though we’re fierce competitors, it’s a brotherhood.”

The dark jersey team included: Jordan’s Jerome Wilson and Dennis Redmond, Millikan’s Elijah Attardo, Kyle Attardo and Chris Garcia, Cabrillo’s Deshon McMiller and Kevin Brim, and Lakewood’s Chris Willis and Macarhy Morris. 

The white jersey team included: Jordan’s Kane Young and Franklyn Chambers, Millikan’s Reuben Anglo and Logan Vallianos-Healy, Cabrillo’s Nathan Stewart, Edie Murillo, and Brian Lopez, and Lakewood’s Mason Pacheco and Alex Obi.

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