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Long Beach Football Playoff Scenarios

With two weeks left to go, we take a look at the playoff scenarios for the Long Beach and Moore League football teams. For our full standings box click here.

For a look at where teams fall in the CalPreps rankings–and thus what division they’d be in if they do make the playoffs–click here for our weekly CalPreps story.


Long Beach Poly 

The Jackrabbits have clinched a share of the Moore League title and will be the league’s top seed into the playoffs with a win over either Compton or Jordan. If, as expected, they win both, they’d wrap up a league title and the school’s first undefeated regular season since 2008.


The Bruins are currently the two-seed as the standings currently sit. They’re tied with Millikan at 3-2 and own the tiebreaker against the Rams thanks to a forfeit win over them. If Wilson wins against Lakewood on Friday, they will be the two-seed from the Moore League, and in a very winnable Division 14. If they lose, they’d fall to 3-3 and we’d have some chaos based on other results, but Wilson could make it very drama-free with a win over Lakewood, and they control their own destiny on that front. If Wilson does end up in a 3-3 logjam with Lakewood and Compton for third place, it would require an envelope draw to undo that knot.


The Rams find themselves in the awkward position of rooting for their rival. They need a Lakewood win over Wilson to force the Bruins down to 3-3, which would allow Millikan (on bye this week) a chance to move into second with a win over Cabrillo next Friday, which would make the Rams 4-2. The only other team possibly finding themselves at 4-2 is Lakewood, who play Wilson this week and Compton next week. If they do go 2-0, Millikan and Lakewood would tie for second at 4-2 and Millikan would have the tiebreaker.

To put it simply: if Wilson wins this week, Millikan will be 4-2 and the third seed. If Wilson loses, Millikan will be 4-2 and the two seed.


The Lancers control their own destiny, but it’s a narrow path. They have to beat Wilson and Compton to finish 4-2, in a tie for second place with Millikan. If they go 0-2, they will not make the playoffs automatically or as an at-large. If they go 1-1 they would not be eligible for an at-large but could end up in a three-way 3-3 tie for third with Compton and Wilson, provided that one win is over the Bruins this week. If Lakewood loses to Wilson, the Bruins and Rams will be the other two auto-playoff teams.


Like Millikan, much of Compton’s playoff hopes hinge on Lakewood beating Wilson. If the Bruins win, Compton’s only shot to the postseason (presuming a loss to Poly) would be from beating Lakewood in the last week of the season to get to a 5-5 record which would make them eligible for an at-large. If Lakewood beats Wilson, then Compton could end up in a three-way tie for third with Wilson and Lakewood with an envelope draw determining their fate.


The Panthers are very unlikely to get into the playoffs as an automatic top-three finisher, but just like last year have a solid shot to get in as an at-large, as they could finish at 6-4 with a win over Cabrillo and a loss to Poly. A .500 or better record makes a team eligible for the playoffs.


The Jaguars have been eliminated from playoff contention.

St. Anthony

The Saints play in the Del Rey League and are currently in second place. They control their destiny--win two tough games and they’ll be in the playoffs. Go 1-1 and they’re hoping for other results to break their way. Unfortunately for the Saints they’re 3-5 which means an additional loss removes them from at-large consideration.

Mike Guardabascio
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