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The562’s Tennis Coverage Sponsored by Long Beach State Tennis Boosters

The562 is pleased to announce the newest sport sponsorship for the 2022-23 school year. The Long Beach State Tennis Boosters have made a donation to The562 in order to sponsor all of our tennis coverage for the upcoming season.

The sponsorship applies to all tennis-related content at The562, including game articles, highlight videos, photo galleries, and more. The donation will help The562 continue to cover local tennis at the high school and collegiate level, as well as any other tennis stories connected to the Long Beach community.

To join the Long Beach State Tennis Boosters, CLICK HERE to make a direct donation to the program.

“We are so grateful for the support of the Long Beach State Tennis Boosters in helping us continue our tennis coverage for the upcoming school year,” said The562’s publisher, Andy Kerr. “As we enter the second year of our school/sport sponsorship program, we’re excited to add new sponsors who are eager to support local sports coverage in Long Beach.”

Visit our “562 100” page to see a list of our existing sponsors. If you or your business would like to support The562’s coverage of a particular sport, please email Tyler Hendrickson at

Tyler Hendrickson
Tyler Hendrickson was born and raised in Long Beach, and started covering sports in his hometown in 2010. After five years as a sportswriter, Tyler joined the athletic department at Long Beach State University in 2015. He spent more than four years in the athletic communications department, working primarily with the Dirtbags baseball program. Tyler also co-authored of The History of Long Beach Poly: Scholars & Champions.