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VIDEO: Millikan’s Trevor Sutt Answers The Tough Questions

Moore League baseball pitching depth ain’t what it used to be, and no one knows that better than Millikan senior pitcher Trevor Sutt.

He grew up watching aces Chase De Jong, Shane Watson and Chris Castellanos dominate the local competition at Blair Field, and now with depth becoming issues across all local sports, Sutt finds himself in a more important role as one of the first Rams throwing in the bullpen.

“I’ve always looked up to those guys,” Sutt said. “But the league has really changed the last couple of years. My freshman year we had Alcorn, Hughey, Steer and Keleen here. There was so much depth. This year, we don’t have the big time guys we’ve had in the past. But we’re doing a great job and piecing together a strong staff. You have to have more than one guy who can throw strikes.”

Millikan coach Ron Keester agrees that the second and third pitchers for the top teams are more important now with not as many elite arms to stop late-inning rallies.

“He’s absolutely one of those guys,” Keester said. “He’s saved us at the end of games, and had the save in two of our three biggest league wins.”

Sutt played his youth baseball with Los Altos, East Long Beach and Whaley PONY before finding his true calling as a pitcher. The 5’7” 160-pound senior has worked hard with his dad in the weight room to get physically competitive.

“He’s able to use the curveball to set up the fastball,” Keester said. “When he’s throwing strikes, he’s hard to hit, because the curveball makes the fastball look that much faster.”

We caught up with Sutt last week before practice to ask him the tough questions.

Millikan Baseball Pitcher Trevor Sutt Answers Tough Questions

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Question: What is your favorite food?

Answer: Lasagna. I had lobster lasagna at this place called Vino & Cucina the other night. Oh my God, it’s the best thing I’ve ever had.

Q: Which show do you watch most on Netflix?

A: The Office. Gotta go with Dwight.

Q: Any other TV favorites?

A: When I was in eighth grade, I watched so much Dragon Ball Z. Like, every day. That’s a problem.

Q: Do you like going to the movies?

A: I used to go a lot. But now that I’m older my parents don’t give me as much money, so I just wait for it to come on TV.

Q: What is your favorite subject in school?

A: I want to be an occupational therapist. I’m in a sociology class right now and we do a partnership with the comprehensive child development center on the west side. We go over there once a month and do a lot of hands-on stuff with them to help increase their low and high motor skills.

Q: What have you gained from that experience?

A: It really opened my eyes. These kids aren’t in stable homes. It’s rewarding to see the kind of happiness they get with success. It shows you have to appreciate what you have.

Q: What are your favorite sports besides baseball?

A: Wake boarding or football. My mom didn’t let me play football. I thought I could’ve been as good as Christian Bravo. Just saying.

Q: We heard you are the team DJ.

A: Yeah, I do the pregame music. I had to get all of the walkup songs and everything. We like Yung Pinch. I’ll put you on after this interview, don’t worry.

Q: Is that the kind of music you listen to?

A: I listen to hip hop and country. If I’m excited and hyped, it’s always rap. But if I’m just driving to the beach, it has to be country. I love Tim McGraw.

Q: Okay. 2Pac or Biggie?

A: 2Pac. West coast, no doubt.

Q: Drake or Kanye?

A: Drake. I hate Kanye. And not even about the stuff that just happened. I’ve never liked Kanye.

Q: Migos or…

A: Migos. Sorry.

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment?

A: In preschool, I took something that fell off of a tree and put it in my ear. It got stuck. My parents had to take me to the emergency room, and they straight jacketed me and pull it out with tweezers. Well, I told the teachers it was some other kid that did it. So when I was like 10 years old, and I felt so bad about it, that I told my mom I was the one who stuck it in there. And she said, ‘so we almost got that kid kicked out of preschool for no reason?’ And I was like, yeah, I’m sorry.

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