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Long Beach State Working To Keep Basketball Coach Dan Monson

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On Monday, Fee talked about his latest meetings with LBSU men’s basketball head coach Dan Monson. His contract expires at the end of next season. READ MORE about the options left for Fee and LBSU. Do you have an update on the Dan Monson contract negotiations?

Andy Fee: Dan and I met and talked about this past season, and the entire tenure that he’s been here. He and I are having a conversation to see if there are some options to keep him long term. We have high expectations. The last two years are not where my expectations are for the program, nor are coach Monson’s. What were the specifics of that conversation?

Fee: What we focused our discussion on was how do we get back to where we were, which was the cream of the crop in the Big West. In my opinion, having been in the Big West for a number of years now, we can be the dominant team in the conference. With his contract expiring next season, are you working with an “extend or bust” mentality?

Fee: Yes. As you get into the last year (of a contract) there’s really no point (not renegotiating). I’ve seen it done before, but I’m not a fan of that. I don’t think the health of your program is at the heart of that decision because you still have to recruit. You can’t just hit a pause button and just pick it up in the fall of 2019.

Coaching is coaching. Anyone who has had a lot of success, they don’t forget how to coach. I was at the Michigan vs. Florida State game on Saturday and someone told me that six years in a row FSU didn’t make the tournament. I’m not trying to make exact comparisons, and this is not to make excuses, but it’s just not that easy. I think that Dan can coach. He is a veteran coach who has had a ton of success in his career. Do the recent FBI investigations into NCAA basketball factor into this decision?

Fee: Dan runs a clean program, and that’s really important to me. We’re all watching the drama be played out around college basketball right now. I don’t want to win at all coasts. That’s not even an option for me. Not to cast dispersion, but our friends at Northridge announced their new coach (this month) and the following day that coach is named as part of the FBI subpoena. That’s not what you want. You don’t want a link between any coaches of any sport and something that has the letters FBI in it.

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